Travel, Yoga, Nature, Paradise, Change… have any of these words been running through your mind?  Is a Yoga Teacher Training something that you are on the verge of booking?

Let me tell you why Costa Rica may just be the perfect spot for your Yoga Teacher Training experience.

It’s no secret that Costa Rica is a leader in sustainable living, land preservation and protection of their eco systems. They are a community that values their land as much as their people and therefore is one of the only places on the planet that you can still find natural, uncontaminated beauty.

Imagine miles and miles of secluded beaches, rich, energetic rainforests, animals in their natural environment and fruit so fresh it has literally fallen from the trees. This is all a reality at the location of our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica.

At a time in the world where there is so much chaos and confusion a month in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica is a way to reconnect with your true nature, rediscover who you are in an environment that is removed from the daily stress you may face. A place that will connect you to your roots, ground you and fill you up with a natural energy that is powerful and inspiring. The time here will remind you of how pure and peaceful we all can be at our core and how to re-invite that back into our days.

I have traveled the world teaching yoga and been blessed to have practiced at some of the most sought out places in the world, but it wasn’t until coming to the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica that I realized how much human hands have impacted some of the natural environments that we seek out to find solace and inspiration.

Yoga Teacher Training Costa Rica

I was blown away at the raw, untouched natural beauty of Costa Rica. The energy here is so alive and thick it finds a way to sneak into your heart and open you up from the most inner parts of your being.  The appreciation you gain for the land and the lessons you learn from mother nature change the way you start to view things in your life.

Combining this with the practice of yoga, there is no better combination. Yoga is all about connection, union and discovering the most inner truth o f your being. Through the practice of daily asana, breath, meditation, and philosophy you are asked to look deep inside at what kind of energy you are composed of.  Where you need to heal, awaken, let go, and just be. The journey into the self in the setting of this magical space is something that I cannot recommend enough to those seeking to become teachers. I am almost unable to put words to the kind of transformation that is possible.

It takes a brave soul to embark on a journey like this, but for some of us it is what we are born to do.

So for those of you that feel that inner calling for change not only in yourself, but in the world at large, invest in this experience. Trust in the power of mother earth and what she can teach us. This program is designed for the soul seekers, believers, and lovers of  yoga and life. Join the community of yoga students and teachers who seek to create harmony in their lives and others!

Written by head teacher for Shades of Yoga Costa Rica Program: Jolie Manza